A biography of william henry gate iii

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A biography of william henry gate iii

Bill Gates as a child was very competitive, curious, and depth thinker. His parents decided to enroll him in the private preparation school, Lakeside School. Gates soon excelled at Lakeside, where he made himself oriented to a wide variety of subject ranging from Math, Science, English Literature and even becoming a superb Drama student.

Bill Gates surrounded by historical events at a young age was inspired. InApollo 11 took men to the moon, this involved huge computers, and which cost billions of research dollars to function and operate. A computer during that era, was very genuine to have.

However, Lakeside had gotten a deal with the city of Seattle and received, this became Bill Gates first encounter toward a computer.


Bill Gates would spend hours,upon hours at the computer room at the high-school, and he eventually met a man named,Paul Allen whom shared the same interests as Bill Gates. Gates during his years at Harvard University never had a definite career plan, for some time he thought of pursuing a career in law for the admiration he had with politics, but his true craze was staying up all day and night with the computer.

Bill Gates met Steve Ballmer whom would soon join Gates in his venture to start his own company, Microsoft. Ed Roberts who ran this phenomenal product was looking for someone to do further programming to it. Microsoft was located in Albuquerque from to In they relocated their location to Bellevue Washington on January,1, Microsoft began to expand and specialize in languages such as Basic,Cobol,Fortan,and Pascal.

With this expansion and Microsoft having hit the one million dollar profit margin mark, it was a matter of time until a big-shot computer creative company came knocking at their door. That company was IBM.

The partnership IBM and Microsoft developed was a pivotal role which defined technology, to what it has become today. It established what Gates had predicted, every home in America would have one computer per household. IBM wanted an operating system for their new line of personal computers.

Their partnership would be seen as one which defined the technology field world-wide. This made Gates the sole-man in the Microsoft empire. InMicrosoft had generated million dollars in sales in just that year alone.

InBill Gates introduced Microsoft Windows it would be come one of the most used operating systems in history, and one of the most advanced.

Apple around this time, came up with an ingenious software, Gates advised them to have a copyright, however Apple was more focused on selling computers, this prompted Gates to take advantage of an open opportunity.

Bill Gates always had insecurities, even if he at such a peak. OS2 eventually failed as Gates decided to invest his name and the entire future of Microsoft to advancing the Windows operating system, even if it meant losing IBM as a client. He came out with Windows 3.

Microsoft was soon becoming a monopoly, and Gates started receiving the reputation of being ruthless,and unfair. Gates was accused for practicing unfair marketing practices, and a case with the Department Of Justice Division Anti Trust Department was opened.

Microsoft would receive royalty fee because of a "per-processor" license Microsoft had which stated, for each computer a microprocessor is sold; a royalty payment must be made.

A biography of william henry gate iii

Regardless, if it was a Microsoft operating system or not. Operating Equipment Manufacturers saw this as unfair, this would lead him further to be a monopoly, which no software company liked.

Apple had no way of competing, IBM had no way of competing, it was Microsoft receiving these royalty fees even for a non-Microsoft Operating System which most manufactures thought was most unfair.

Microsoft agreed to stop charging the fees and the Department Of Justice dropped the case. Bill Gates because of the influence his mother had on him, created philanthropic organizations that fought certain causes, and was pursuing the interests his mother had. InWindows 95 was introduced, Bill Gates at this time slowed down on his work with Microsoft as he became a family man, welcoming his first daughter he had with his wife, Melinda French.

Netscape came out with a browser which allowed you to access the world of internet.A Biography of the life span of William Henry Gates, III and the Creation of Microsoft On October 28, , William Henry Gates, lll, was created. Gates and his two sisters was raised in Seattle, Washington.

Watch video · Bill Gates was born William Henry Gates III on October 28, , in Seattle, Washington. Family and Childhood Bill Gates grew up in an upper middle-class family with his older sister, Kristianne.

Bill Gates was born William Henry Gates III on October 28, , in Seattle, Washington. Family and Childhood Bill Gates grew up in an upper middle-class family with his older sister, Kristianne.

The second child of William Henry Gates Jr. and Mary Maxwell, Gates was born on October 28, , in Seattle, Washington. Though he would later be known as . Nov 12,  · Mr. William Henry Gates, III, also known as Bill, co-founded Microsoft Corporation in and serves as its Technology Advisor since February 4, monstermanfilm.com Location: One Microsoft Way Redmond, Washington United States.

William H. Gates III was born on October 28, , in Seattle, Washington. He was the second child and only son of William Henry Gates Jr., a successful Seattle attorney, and Mary Maxwell, a .

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