Alders superiority complex in fight club

I She had thought that this marriage, of all marriages, would be an adventure. Not that the man himself was exactly magical to her. A little, wiry, twisted fellow, twenty years older than herself, with brown eyes and greying hair, who had come to America a scrap of a wastrel, from Holland, years ago, as a tiny boy, and from the gold-mines of the west had been kicked south into Mexico, and now was more or less rich, owning silver-mines in the wilds of the Sierra Madre: But he was still a little dynamo of energy, in spite of accidents survived, and what he had accomplished he had accomplished alone.

Alders superiority complex in fight club

Outwardly she comes across haughty, arrogant, prideful, and annoying. She's a textbook case of real-life Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Louise of The Familiar Of Zero is a Jerk Ass noble that believes she's superior to her Love Interest who she refers to as a "dog"but deep inside she has very low self esteem due to bullying and taunts about her breasts.

Alders superiority complex in fight club

Not to mention the pressures from both societal expectations and being a member from the most prominent family next to the royal Family of Tristain, and wanting to live up to the Legacy of her mother, the legendary Karin The Heavy Wind.

He was a Hot-Blooded Ace Pilot was so arrogant anyone questioned his skills had a trouble with him. Sometimes he seemed more concerned with showing off than with protecting humanity when he fought the enemy, and he could not stand someone showed him up.

However he had a massive complex of inferiority and lacked of a sense of self-worth. He was so arrogant because he was permanently afraid of someone replacing him and taking his reason to existing away, and his self-steem issues were so big he thought his adoptive sister would dump him for someone she barely knew.

It's pretty clear that Sasuke's need to defeat Itachi was driven almost as much by his need to finally prove himself better than his brother as for revenge. Then, said brother killed his entire family and told him to hate and grow strong to be worthy to face him.

Then Itachi showed up again years later, looking for Naruto, which is what set off Sasuke both because of this and because well, Itachi was going to target his precious people once more. Sasuke utterly lost and underwent another dose of mental truama that unstabilized him.

It didn't help that Naruto was finally growing strong enough to challenge and maybe surpass Sasuke, the top student of their class. Made more ironic when you realize how Itachi played that complex, why he did so, and how it all went wrong.

He also shows some behavior of this type towards Naruto himself, though much of this ties in to his issues with Itachi. Naruto as well, albeit in a different way. In the beginning, his bratty, braggart attitude and dreams to be Hokage were driven by a need to be acknowledged by the village and not be viewed as a monster, but as Naruto Uzumaki.

His initial rivalry with Sasuke was fueled by his need to prove himself equal to the haughty top student that deep down felt the same sort of pain and loneliness as him and wanted to befriend him. Unlike Sasuke though, Naruto would shed his complex as he got people that cared about him and vice versa which makes for an interest counterpart to Sasuke, whose process became worse over time, albeit that was Itachi's doing.

In fact, by the time of Shippuden, he's actually prone to Heroic Self-Deprecationwhich increases as he grows stronger sadly as a result of him reflecting on his failures to save the people he cares about.

Madara Uchiha's complex towards the 1st Hokage is probably the most extreme example in the series.

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In a flashback, even mentioning his name was enough to tick Madara off. In fact, much of the conflict in the current story can ultimately be traced back to Madara's inability to accept being Always Second Best to him and his reaction to this.

In Fullmetal Alchemistthis is pretty much the reason the homunculi sadistically torment humans. This is most explicitly brought up in the case of Envy.

In the former's case, he was an orphan whose only pride was chess and forced the mogul of a big company to adopt him in a chess game.The Inferiority Superiority Complex trope as used in popular culture.

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