Aqa english lang and lit coursework

Writing a perfect coursework on English Search Writing a perfect coursework on English Academic writing 10th Jul Studentship, what an exciting period! A huge number of new friends, new subjects, new possibilities to show yourself. Time passes cheerfully and pleasantly. At this very time, there are some things in university life that make students fall into despair.

Aqa english lang and lit coursework

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Coursework has been eliminated. I feel this favours more academic students and tests short-term memory, rather than effort or commitment. And it penalises pupils with conditions such as ADHD, which make it difficult for them to sit still and concentrate in exams.

If it is the latter, then presumably this is intended to give some sort of indication of the student's ability to apply those skills in the workplace.

Without wishing to offend anyone, I would suggest that there are probably quite a few occupations which might not be considered suitable for someone suffering with ADHD, who finds it difficult to sit still and concentrate.

In addition, you are expected to remember lots of poems and quotes from texts. Anyone would find this tricky, but for someone with a learning difficulty, it is even more challenging.

Aqa english lang and lit coursework

For example, some might be allowed their own room, a reader, extra time or a scribe. This shows that not everything is hopeless, but there is still a long way to go to redress the balance.

I could be wrong, but I have never heard of a potential employer being willing to take someone on to do a job, on the basis that they will get "their own room, a reader, extra time or a scribe".

So my question really is:Subjects English. Why Study English? As well as being compulsory, English is invaluable for your future no matter what you are aiming for.

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AQA January Examinations Scaled Mark Component Grade Boundaries (GCE Specifications) Comp. Maximum Scaled Mark Grade Boundaries Code Component Title Scaled Mark.

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