Gun control cause effect

The convention speeches by James and Sarah Brady were filled with moving stories of their personal suffering. While the impacts described on both sides of the issue do exist, the crucial question underlying all gun-control laws is: What is their net effect?

Gun control cause effect

View Profile on Experts. Does the availability of weapons lead to violence? Citizens certainly have a right to bear arms and defend themselves. However, what does the science say about this area? Harvard Injury Control Research Center conducted a comprehensive review of the literature.

Hepburn and Hemenway found a broad array of evidence that indicates that gun availability is a risk factor for homicide. Case-control studies, ecological time-series, and cross-sectional studies indicate that in regions in the US where there are more guns, both men and women are at a higher risk for homicide, particularly firearm homicide.

Hemenway and Miller investigated the relationship between homicide rates and firearm availability across 26 high income countries. States with higher levels of household gun ownership had higher rates of firearm homicide and overall homicide. This relationship held for both genders and all race groups, after accounting for rates of aggravated assaults, robbery, unemployment, urbanization, alcohol consumption, and resource deprivation e.

There was no association between gun prevalence and non-firearm homicide.

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One cannot draw a causal relationship between gun prevalence and homicide. Many individuals in mass shootings are disaffected individuals with poor social skills who somehow feel victimized in some fashion by society. Some are disaffected workers, such as in the case of the TV reporter and technician being shot on live TV.

The station manager went into a rant as to how the state should provide more mental health services. However, one wonders why the station apparently had no Employee Assistance Program EAP to which the perpetrator could have been referred for employee-mandated counseling.

This would have addressed the problem early in the process.

What Are The Gun Control Effects on Crime and Murder

This author firmly believes in the constitutional rights of citizens to bear arms and defend themselves. Focusing on "Gun Control" seems to be where our primary focus should not be. The effects of society to reduce homicide should be focused on management of domestic violence, substance abuse, and community mental health services as well as parenting.

Enabling parents encourage the "victim mentality" and entitlement enables these types of individuals. We live in a society which is becoming more and more dependent on cellphones and other devices. This leads to parents buying "things" for their kids and not spending time with them.The Costs and Consequences of Gun Control.

have the effect of turning almost every gun owner into a felon by outlawing the ordinary, innocent, and safety-enhancing ways in which firearms in. The Causes and Effects of Gun Control in the United States The United States has been a gun culture country since the day the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, After many decades, gun ownership had rapidly increased, and many lives have been saved with a gun.

Gun control cause effect

paper will explore and expose the gun control effects and actions in the United States of America. It will also explain the results of gun control over a decade and show a report of the research the author conducted through a few academic: articles, research, and statistics.

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AP Environmental Science. AP Language and Composition. 50 Years From Today. Annotated Bibliography. Cause and Effect: Gun Control. Compare and Contrast.

Gun control cause effect

Dating. Ethnic Housing. Final Paper (1st Semester) APA. Chicago 1. Gun Control. The Causes and Effects of Gun Control in the United States The United States has been a gun culture country since the day the Show More Gun Control And Its Effect On The Country.

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