Write a play with money and watcher themes for windows

Guide to Plays in The Sims Medieval by: Sheri Newton ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated:

Write a play with money and watcher themes for windows

His profession becomes unlocked after you place the Tavern. He's a poet and performer, like a Jimi Hendrix with a lute. But, he's also a playwright, like a William Shakespeare So I'm calling my Hero Jimi Shakespeare. Jimi Shakespeare looks off into a purple haze as he prepares to begin the Legend of the Talking Frog Quest.

write a play with money and watcher themes for windows

Diggeth this - I'm going to play my lute with my teeth on that stage behind me and set it on fire for you beautiful people. At level 5 the ability to write Tragic Plays and Epic Poems also unlocks.

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Money - Windows 7 Themes The patience and willingness to make my requests possible were superb.
Get gifting ideas from 'Pretty Little Liars' star To write these documents, the hero must first have inspiration to do so. The Sims Medieval bard inspiration is only able to be obtained by the bard and is non-transferable or sellable.

Finally, at lvl 10, a Bard can write a Legendary Play. Since Bards have a nice mix of Daily Responsibilities, performing all of them on a regular basis will give your Bard good early XP. But, the main thing I would focus on is simply practicing on the most expensive lute you can afford.

The cheaper the lute, the less XP gained. And the strings break on the cheap lute all the time as well. You choose the interaction your Bard is to do and then you'll see the Simole amount float up the screen towards the end of the interaction.

Writing plays and poems and turning around to immediately sell them them is a definite money maker. In fact, that may be the smartest route because for some crazy reason poems and plays in your inventory depreciate in value just like objects purchased in Furnish Mode!

Once you sell something, it's gone and you can't perform it or recite it again. But, the lute is the one constant that's always there ready to earn money for your Bard. Simply choose Perform Song and your Bard will pick from a list of available songs.

write a play with money and watcher themes for windows

As far as I can tell, 3 main things influence how much you are paid for a song - the quality of the lute, the level of your Bard, and the number of patrons watching you. Oh, and make sure it's been 2 or 3 hours since your last performance. If you perform a song right after finishing another song, then your pay is greatly reduced.

I suppose that cooldown period is necessary to avoid the obviously exploit of just playing songs all day. Not that I would do that.

Types of Inspiration

All of the various "Themes" gained from Inspiration - to the best of my knowledge - how zero impact on poem and play value no matter how you mix them up. But, I thought about this a bit and realized that it just makes sense for EA to do it this way for Medieval.

It's not a complicated game like Sims 3 where various ingredient combinations have a huge impact on nectar value, for example. So, all of that said, what kind of money can be made from playing a Bard?

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I am writing a c# program to let me know when a file has been added or deleted. I run it on my Windows 7 machine and watch an FTP server on our network. The amount of money the bard will earn for performing a play is determined on the amount of Sims watching the play, the actor/actress recruited to act, the themes the play is about and the level of the bard that wrote the play.

For a bard to write a poem or a play, they need to have inspiration in the form of themes. The bard is able to collect these themes and use when they are inspired to write (or when a quest or daily responsibilities inform them they need to do so).

May 17,  · All of the default Themes that are installed with Windows 7 are located in the C:\Windows\Resources\Themes folder. This is also where all of the system files that enable themes and other display components are located.

The Sims Medieval Plays Guide for the Bard